2013 – The Best Year Yet

More Partners, Sponsors and Volunteers

We are very fortunate that with the recent changes at Redmond Town Center, the new owners have been extremely supportive.  The media coverage that Sallye, the new Marketing Director, has arranged for us this year is unprecedented. Star 101.5 radio and King 5 Television are both expected to cross the bridge from Seattle.  The Redmond Reporter will be manning the Photo Booth to take all your Zombie Portraits (included with the 100% Brains Package, or $5 on the day, subject to availability)

Scare Productions will be helping us on makeup – they are coming to us from our new partnership with ‘Nightmare on Beaver Lake’ – the Seattle area’s largest indoor/outdoor haunted house.  Value Village are also helping with old ‘almost zombies-ready’ clothes and makeup.

Marriott Hotel PictureMore Zombie Sleepovers

The Marriott Hotel, which is right on the doorstep of Thrill the World, is offering special ‘Zombies Sleepovers for an incredible $89 + appropriate taxes.

More Fundraising

This is a fund-raiser for the SecondStory Rep Theatre of course (who host the production and do a lot of the work in making it a success).  A majority of the shops at Redmond Town Center are participating either with special on-the-day discounts or have donated prizes for the Costume Contest.  We have another great T-Shirt designed by Mark, the Executive Director of the Theatre.

More Transparency

We’ve always published the total number of dancers and money raised.  For the first time ever we are publishing our up-to-the minute registration counts and money raised.  Because this is on a ‘net proceeds’ basis, the numbers are subject to change – so don’t take them too seriously until the final count!

Fundraising Results 2013

  Money Raised
Money Raised from Registration Fees $   4,235.00 
Money Raised from Workshops $     955.00 
Donations $     340.00 
Merchandize / T-Shirts $   1,384.00 
Total Raised $   6,914.00 
  Registered Attended
Adult Dancers 174 168
Under 18 Dancers 109 103
Adults & Under 18 Dancers 283 271
Official Count (only includes dancers who signed out!)   256
Thank you for supporting "Thrill The World" and

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