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TSNW LogoThis is a fund-raiser for Team Survivor Northwest, and Dancer Registrations form the bulk of our fund-raising – THANK YOU for supporting a great cause.

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Suggested Donation

In previous years, Thrill the World Redmond has provided a fun day out for the whole family.  To support our charity, we’ve always charged a registration fee, and we’ve also managed to supplement the fee with sponsorship, makeup, and  T-Shirt sales.   Obviously this year is a bit different, and we can’t offer any of that. 

We would still really love to raise a little for our charity, Team Survivor Northwest.  People are still getting, and surviving, cancer.   However, we know that it has been a tough year for even the most gruesome Zombie, so here are our suggested donations (all ages)

  • Fresh & Juicy Brain  Virtual Class, Dance Registration & Donation to TSNW $15
  • Day Old Brain  Dance Registration & Virtual Class  $5
  • Freeze-Dried Brain  Dance Registration only.  Free

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