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You might like to dress up on the day – Zombie costumes idea – get some cheap clothes tear them up. Valley Village in Redmond is offering a $3.00 discount voucher.

Please remember Redmond Town Center does not allow full face masks or weapons – real or fake! 
Example: If you dress up as a pirate you should not bring a sword.


Criteria for Costume Contest


  1. Entrant must be in Zombie attire.
  2. No unaltered costumes will be judged e.g. Premade Halloween Costumes. The costume must be handcrafted, realistic and unique. Sufficiently altered bought items are allowable
  3. No full-face masks
  4. No weapons, fake or real
  5. Costumes may not promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons, be sexually explicit or derogatory of any ethnic/racial/gender/religious/professional/age group, profane or pornographic, or contain nudity.


This costume contest is open only to registered dancers who are dancing the simultaneous Thriller Dance (the Event) at 3:00pm from ages 8 -17 years for the youth category and 18 and up for the adult category at Thrill the World Redmond October 25th, 2014.


The Costume Contest start will be announced by the MC for the Event. You will be required to be in Center Plaza. Judges will walk around and hand you a numbered card if you are selected to compete. You will then be required to stand next to the stage for judging at a predetermined time.


The judge’s decision is final. There will be a third, second and first place prizes for the youth selection and the same for the adult. Winners will also be posted on the Redmond Zombie website.


The prizes have been donated by Redmond Town Center Restaurants and Businesses.

  • Adult prizes: 3rd place 2nd place 1st Place
  • Youth Prizes 3rd place 2nd place 1st Place


By their participation, entrants (and parents if applicable) agree to be photographed and identified at the Event as well as on the Redmond Zombie website, understand and agree that there will be no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for their participation.

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