Clothing Drive

Value Village Clothing Drive

20 cents per pound will be donated to Team Survivor Northwest

This is a bonus fundraising initiative for Thrill the World zombies to help our charity

This year we are repeating the successful partnership with Value Village for raising additional funds for Team Survivor Northwest.

Many Zombies buy clothes from Value Village and then Zombiify them for their costume on Thrill Day.  Value Village are giving us a great way to both save 20%, and at the same time raise additional money for our charity Team Survivor Northwest.  Every pound of donated clothes will give TSNW 20 cents Рand you will get a voucher to save 20% off any used merchandize bought at Value Village in return!

Just bring your clothes to one of our Workshops on Saturday at the Redmond Senior Center, and we will give you a 20% off voucher in return!

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